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BSidesDFW 2013 - Raspberry Pi Workshop

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When: November 2, 2013

Time: 11-12, LUNCH, 12-1


Raspberry Pi Workshop details:                         


The Raspberry Pi is a $35 wunder-device only slightly larger than a standard deck of Bicycle playing cards. But don't let it's size fool you; it's enabled with the full power of a number of modern operating systems to create a covert, yet formidable attack platform. It may only look like two USB ports, 10/100 Ethernet, HDMI (and an analog video port), audio, SD slot, and a micro USB power input, but it is truly a field-level, covert attack platform on the cheap. 


This two hour session, broken by lunch, will feature two different distributions of Linux that work on the Pi, an introductory guide to setting up Linux on a Pi, and simulated attacks. We will also feature an exercise during lunch where attendees can tinker with their Pis over lunch and come back in the second hour with findings, questions, and more demos. 


Some come join us while we outline popular techniques in which the Raspberry Pi can be used as an attack platform. For those that register, they will receive a complementary Raspberry Pi that has been customized for a particular attack platform to take home with them. Attendees need not have a Raspberry Pi to attend, but they will see the power of the Pi in action. Users will leave with a list of items they can procure (for under $100) to have their own covert, remote hacking device. 


If you registered, here is what you will need:

  • Your laptop (and ensure you have any required adapters to connect an ethernet cable to it... looking at you MacBook Air owners)
  • SD card reader 
  • Crossover Ethernet Cable < WILL BE PROVIDED
  • And be sure to have some kind of SSH client installed (Macs/Linux are built in, PC suggest Putty.exe)
  • VNC installed on your PC 
  • And an offering of beer for your gracious host.


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