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BSides PDX 2012 CFP Details


Submission deadline for round 1 selections ends September 28th. [COMPLETED]

Submission deadline for round 2 selections ends October 26th.


The conference will be at the Jupiter Hotel on east Burnside in Portland Oregon on November 9-10, 2012.



Submissions should be at least tangentially related to computer security, and special effort will be made to accept talks from across the spectrum of hardware, reversing, appsec, netsec, mobile, web, cloud, and emerging technologies.  Offensive and defensive, beginner to advanced.  Submissions will be listed in the open for people to comment on.


Please fill out the following form, and send it to bsidesportlandcfp@gmail.com.



BSides PDX 2012 Official CFP Submission Form


Submitter Identity:

Email / Twitter / MySpace / LiveJournal / etc


Name of Talk:

Make sure it's catchy and hilarious.


Summary of Talk:

Give a paragraph explaining the basics of your talk.  These summaries will be posted publicly, so don't put anything too sensitive.  Teasers good, spoilers bad.


Secret 0day Information:

Describe anything in your project that might sway the decisions of the conference organizers, but that you don't necessarily want released publicly until the day of the talk.  We are also considering blatantly copying BSidesLV and having an "underground track" where the talks are not recorded, press will not be allowed, and people will not be able to have out any devices that could be used for note taking.  Please indicate in this section if you would like to participate in this track.




For BsidesPDX 2012, we are looking to encourage four categories of talks:


1. War Stories

These talks are for imparting wisdom to the masses.  Talk about the things you have seen, and the lessons you have learned while working in your field.  Make sure to make at least one vague prediction of future events and technologies to come.


2. Adventure Stories

Tell us how you accomplished something.  From first conception, through your thought process and exploration, and how you took it to the limit.  This can be related to anything, from exploiting a software bug, to getting access to somewhere you shouldn't be, to bending some piece of hardware to your will.


3. Tool Demo

Have you written/built some fancy new tool, or extended an existing tool?  Tell us why, tell us how, and show off how awesome it is.  The tools are expected to be open source, and sales pitches will not be accepted.


4. Stark Warnings

Do you know of any new technologies on the horizon?  Do you know how to bust them wide open?  This is your chance to start some new trends and propagate some new buzzwords.  Make sure to mention where this technology is today, where you think it's going, and give plenty of protips to audience members looking to expand on your work.  HTML5 is not an emerging technology.



How long will your talk take?  8 minutes (lightning talk),  25 minutes (half hour slot),  50 minutes (hour slot)


Technical Level:

What are the prerequisites for your talk?  It is safe to assume that most of the people in the audience are fairly technical, and this is the kind of crowd that likes to be overestimated.



Due to semi-popular demand, on a scale of G, PG-13, R, NC-17, please rate the expected maturity level of the audience.

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