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Latest Announcement - Follow us on Twitter for Breaking news !!! @bsideschicago or visit us at securechicago.org




Event details


When: Saturday, April 27th, 2013


Where: The Abbey Pub

3420 W. Grace

Chicago, IL 60615


Invite your friends by posting this on Twitter: " #BSidesChicago: Coming on April 27th,2013! Deets: http://bit.ly/SxwC1s "




Thanks for your votes!  You can see the speaker and their abstracts here:




Check out our great line up here!





Capture the Flag (CTF)

The BSides joint task force has a mission and you better accept it!  Find out all about the Cross City CTF here going on during our event and BSidesDetroit .  

More detailed at





Tickets for workshops will be available Friday April 5 0900 CDT.  A valid BSidesChicago ticket will be needed to register.

 More detailed information about our workshops can be found here: https://securechicago.org/upcomingevents/workshops/

  •  Armitage and Cobalt Strike Penetration Testing Lab w/ @armitagehacker
  • Delivering your message with Impact w/ @myrcurial


Reverse Job Fair

The Reverse Job Fair is a new opportunity that invites companies to the BSidesChicago event and shows them what our community offers in a unique format .  Tickets for RJF will be available Friday April 5 0900 CDT.  A valid BSidesChicago ticket will be needed to register.

More detailed information can be found here:  https://securechicago.org/upcomingevents/reverse-job-fair/




Next round tickets will be available on Friday, March 29th, 2013 0900 CST.  They are available at

http://securechicago.org/register or bsideschi.eventbrite.com



Our event would not possible without our sponsors!  !


















  • Elizabeth (@elizmmartin)
  • Michael (@securitymoey)


Volunteers - in no particular order

  • Scott (@Secureholio)
  • Juan (@kongo_86)
  • Nicole (@rogueclown)
  • Todd (@phoobar)
  • Ben (@Ben0xA)
  • Tom (@techbytom)
  • Chris (@Lickitysplitted)
  • Chris (@cpfoutz)
  • Steve (@seswho)
  • Colin (@_CRV)



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Facebook Event Page





Special Thanks

  • THOTCON - we want to thank the THOTCON crew for the donation of THOTCON 0x4 tickets that we were used in our contest!!!


Contact us:

bsideschicago [at] securechicago [dot] org



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