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This is the page for 2012, BSidesCHS 2013 can be found here:






Security BSides Charleston, SC 2012: Operating In-Security


Live stream info





Location information and room Assignments: College of Charleston, Robert Scott Small Building


Friday April 13th -- College of Charleston, Robert Scott Small Building, Registration in Main Lobby, Metasploit training in room 252

Saturday April 14th -- College of Charleston, Robert Scott Small Building, Registration in Main Lobby, Main Track in Classroom 235



$5 parking at the 34 St. Philip Street Garage -- we will have vouchers to take with you when you leave for the day.  


Walk from the garage to the Robert Scott Small Building:

View Larger Map


Parking Lot is open 24 hours/day.  


Talks page: BSidesCharlestonTalks2012


Event details


A combination of students, professionals, geeks and tinkerers gathering to discuss Information Security, hear awesome talks and bring security into our everyday lives.  Our mission is to provide an inclusive, inspiring and motivational environment to discuss and collaborate on information security and how it inspires, interests and motivates you.


This will be the first BSides in Charleston.  With the eclectic businesses and people from the Lowcountry we expect to have an outstanding event that will be fun, educational and inspirational for all.  If you have any thoughts, comments, complaints, suggestions or would like to volunteer, let us know.  Follow us on twitter @BSidesCHS to keep up with the latest information or send an email to BSidesCHS(at)gmail.com.


When: Friday & Saturday - April 13-14, 2012

Where: College of Charleston campus, Charleston, SC

Cost: Free (as always!)


Main Event Registration:



Please register via our Eventbrite page: http://bsideschs.eventbrite.com or above.


We are pleased to announce that @Kizz_My_Anthia (Nick D) from Rapid7 will be teaching a free Metasploit course on Friday April 13th! 


The duration will likely be around 3-4 hours. It will likely begin at 3pm, but check the main bsideschs web page for updates in case we have a schedule change. The location will be at the College of Charleston, and the room number and time will be announced on the main BSidesCHS page.


Nick often concludes his courses with a CTF -- lots of fun!


The only thing you need to bring is a computer with wirelsss ability and a standard browser (Firefox, Safari, IE, etc.) As a bonus (but not a requirement) you may want to bring backtrack already functioning in vmware to use the framework, or boot it in live mode.

You need no prior experience to join and get alot out of this course. 


Please check http://www.securitybsides.com/BSidesCharleston for updates including room, time details.



Register above, or on our Eventbrite page: https://www.eventbrite.com/event/3245971789/?ref=enivtefor&utm_source=eb_email&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=inviteformal&utm_term=eventpage



Invite your friends by posting this on Twitter: "#BSidesCHS Apr 13-14, 2012: Operating In-Security"




Without question, lodging is expensive near COFC.  We don't have a central hotel we're staying at or anything.

As with any city, options get cheaper as you move away from downtown. Try google maps. 


We're staying with friends.


If you're visiting from out of town and really trying to save $$$ you may want to consider James Island County Park http://www.ccprc.com/index.aspx?NID=68

It has a waterpark, great camping sites, coffee in the morning.  It's about 10-15 minutes away.


We did get an email from a nice lady at Hilton Garden Inn North Charleston offering a contract free discount group rate of $94, but it's not near COFC and I know nothing about this Hotel -- use at your own risk.



Another cheap option may be  http://notsohostel.com/ 




BSides Charleston brings the unconference style to information security meet-ups. BSides is about making a conference of, by, and for the participants. Above all, though, we aim to create community, and to facilitate networking.



We like speakers, and welcome seasoned speakers to bring your best material to Charleston; however we specifically like new and local speakers. We like content, specifically new and emerging content.  BSides Charleston is about sharing material frankly, honestly, and directly, for the purpose of informing, educating, and continuing the conversation. All great ideas are welcome. 


Possible Topics

  • Operational Security
  • Physical Security
  • Attack Defense
  • Attack Identification
  • Forensic Response
  • Cloud Security
  • Writing robust code. Rugged, even
  • Practical Application Security
  • Whatever cool hackery you are up to
  • Achieving security while maintaining compliance 
  • Exploitation and education, better than peanut butter and chocolate


BSides Charleston's location in beautiful downtown Charleston, SC brings together many industries and academic institutions opening up both students and businesses to your message and beyond vendor booths. BSides Charleston takes your engagement beyond passing out swag, goodies, and tchotchkes, our sponsors send technical staff and thought leaders who discuss real world problems and offer practical solutions. Be prepared to be a part of the conference, sharing ideas, meeting people, and interacting with the local community. Be prepared to be blown away by BSides Charleston.


Sponsorships, large and small, make BSides events possible.  There are many options for helping this (and all the other) BSides event.


Want to help make this year's BSides Charleston truly outstanding? Contact us to help in any way.  We are seeking local and national sponsors, volunteers, speakers and advocates.


Please thank our sponsors for #BSidesCHS!!! They make this event possible.


BSides Charleston Sponsors

Core Support


College of Charleston

Computer Science Department & ACM

Above & Beyond


Your Company LOGO - Twitter - Facebook - Web Page


Engage the Audience
Individual Supporters



Day 1

Friday - April 13
3:00 PM - 3:30 PM Registration / Setup / Questions
3:30 PM- 6:30 / 7:30 PM
Name: @Kizz_My_Anthia - Nick D
Talk: Metasploit training (special registration required -- see above)
8:30 PM - ??:00 AM Rapid7 Party at Torch Velvet Lounge (Bring your B-Sides badge for entrance)


Day 2

Saturday - April 14
Track 1
8:30 AM - 9:00 

 Coffee Sponsored by MakeLab Charleston     


9:00 AM- 10:00 
Name: @rcastellow Robert Castello
Talk: Who Do You Trust? - Integrating Federated Authentication and Authorization Services into your Apps using SAML 2.0

10:00 AM -11:00 

Name: @percent_x Deral Heiland
Talk: From Printer To Pwnd "Leveraging multifunction printers during Penetration Testing
11:00 AM -12:00  Name: @amolsarwate Amol Sarvate
Talk: SCADA Security - Why is it so hard?
12:00 PM - 1:00

Lunch Sponsored by PhishLabs

Name: John LaCour
Talk: Vishing Attacks Explained:  A look inside some real world telephone phishing attacks.

1:00 PM - 2:00

Name: Nick D. 
Talk: Mapping the Penetration Testers Mind: An Auditors Introduction to PenTesting
2:00 PM - 3:00 Name: @jeffball55 Jeffball
Talk: Practical Issues in Virtual Machine Covert Channels
3:00 PM - 4:00 Name: Jim Manico
Talk: Top Ten Web Defenses
4:00 PM - 5:00 Name: Thor
Talk: Technical Session:  Encryption and Data Ownership in Cloud Computing
5:00 PM - 5:30 Name: Scott Longheyer
Talk: social engineering…because it works
5:30 PM - 6:30 PM Name: @LabThug Adrian
Talk: Programming Errors: Why do we begin to try and [except] a rescue?
6:30 PM - 7:00 Name: TBD
Talk: TBD
7:00 PM - 7:15

Closing Comments

8:00 PM - ??:00 After Hours Event -- TBD


See BSidesCharlestonTalks2012 for Talk Abstracts


Events and Contests 

  • Rapid7 Party
    • When: Friday
    • Where: Torch Velvet Lounge
    • Time: 8:30pm-??
    • Details: Bring your B-Sides badge for entrance - Torch Velvet Lounge 545 King Street  Charleston, SC 29403
    • Must have "valid id" of at least 21 years of age to attend party <:


  • Saturday After Hours Event -- TBD
    • When: Saturday
    • Where: TBD
    • Time: 8pm-??
    • Details: TBD


  • (Possible) Lockpick Village and Lockpick challenges


  • Career First-Aid:
    • Date/Time: Saturday, April 14 (time TBD)
    • Location: College of Charleston, Robert Scott Small Building,  Room 252
    • Details: This was such a great idea for #BSidesATL we had to borrow it; In coordination with the College of Charleston and local businesses B-Sides Charleston is providing some much needed career advice to all you hackers, slackers, and upstarts. Bring your resume for review by a hiring manager or practice interview questions.


  • Giveaways:
    • No Starch Press
    • 2 copies of Practical Malware Analysis signed by Michael Sikorski -- thanks Mike!
    • EFF Schwag!


Efforts We Support


Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) -- they fight to defend your digital rights.  If you feel the future freedom of the Internet is important to you, please donate!


Donate or Join the EFF online:




The EFF will also be have a table setup by a volunteer during the event if you wish to join or donate while here, please stop by and say hello!


Make Lab Charleston -- We're very excited that MakeLab Charleston will be joining us!  

A makelab, makerspace or creative space is a location where people with common interests, usually in computers, technology, science or digital or electronic art can meet, socialise and/or collaborate. A makelab can be viewed as an open community lab incorporating elements of machine shops, workshops and/or studios where makers can come together to share resources and knowledge to build and make things.


MakeLab Charleston will have displays, maybe some lockpicking stuff, DIY security solutions, and other random hackery -- please stop by and say hello!  http://makelabcharleston.org/






A/V, crowd control, setup/teardown, logistics, finding equipment- these all take people to make it happen.  

To help BSides Charleston, please join the maillist (coming soon), email use at BSidesCHS(at)gmail.com, join us on IRC on Freenode #BSidesCHS or message us on twitter @BSidesCHS and we'll contact you when it is time to organize the duties roster.


  • Speaker Wrangler - TBD
  • Crowd Direction - TBD
  • Registration - TBD
  • Security - TBD
  • AV Setup - TBD
  • AV Monitor - TBD
  • Gofer- TBD
  • Setup - TBD
  • Clean-up - TBD




We will have a guest wireless network



Evening Party (Friday) - Rapid7

Coffee/Tea (Saturday) - MakeLab Charleston

Breakfast (Saturday) - Need Sponsor

Lunch (Saturday) - PhishLabs


Tags for twitter, flickr, delicious, ma.gnolia, technorati etc.

Please use the tag #BSidesCHS for content related to this event



Join us anytime on IRC on freenode network #BSidesCHS


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I'd be glad to blog the event or assist

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